Facials For the Boys

Swissdermyl Cream Masks: £45

Green Clay:
For combination/oily and demineralised skin. Elimination of impurities/bacteria

For tired, intoxicated and devitalised skin

Vitamin C:
For dry, aging skin

 Specific for reactive & sensitive

Swissdermyl  VitaminiC Phyto Mask £53

ideal for all skin except sensitive

Vitalising and energising - A flexible peel-off facial for lifeless, dehydrated skins, lacking tone.

An exclusive formula designed to optimise the exceptional properties of vitamin C. The combination Swissdermyls Multi Vitamin Serum (A, B5,B6, C and E) and a flexible,soft modelling mask enriched with vitamin C, results in a vitalising-energizing treatment helping to replenish the skin's energy reserves and improving its elasticity.

Swissdermyl Skin Perfect Veil £53

ideal for all skin types

Radiance and Vitality

For all skin types, even the most delicate, from the appearance of early wrinkles or following exposure to the sun.

DESCRIPTION: A non woven tissue impregnated with a concentrate of soothing and effective active ingredients. This special formula

is based on Dermolectine, a leading plant-based cell growth stimulator which has been proved to reduce wrinkles.

Skinmate Collagen Veil £48

Hydrates and retains moisture, minimizes fine lines & wrinkles.

Ultra Sound Meso Facial £50

This treatment is a very powerful Anti-ageing Facial, which allows the key ingredients to be transported deeper into the skin cells than conventional facials.

Dermabrasion & lymph drainage are applied and a specific Meso Ampoule containing active ingredients is gently massaged into the skin using Ultrasound – it has been known to send my clients to sleep. Ultrasound bounces the cells away from each other allowing the ingredients to fall deeper into the lower cells.

This means your skin looks better for longer.

 5 minutes shoulder massage is included to finish off the treatment.

Diamond Tip Dermabrasion 30 mins £35

Ideal for Scar Tissue..Acne Scars..Deep Cleansing..Blackheads..Sun Damage..etc
includes mini facial

Gentlemen, please shave approximately 5 hours before your facial. Some treatments can be tingly directly after shaving.

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