Purchase of Jouve Products

Jouve Products are a must have for Tightening @ Brightening your complexion. Mix the two together in finger tip measures and tap around/under eyes. Dab gently without moving your face muscles until cream has dried. Gently dab off any white residue with wet cotton pad. Then apply your moisturiser on top.

Repeat on frown lines and around mouth.

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Purchasing of Swissdermyl Kits

Finding time to go to a Salon for a facial is difficult when you have a job, children and a house to run. This is why I have set up easy to use facial kits for 2 weeks use and 4 weeks use. Choosing the correct facial is not easy so this is why you can't buy it through a Shopping Cart system. I need to talk to you to discuss your skin and the results you would like.

All you need to supply is 60 mins, cleanser (not wipes) toner, mask brush (can be purchased from me) a flannel & hot water.

The Kits Contains:

Kit 1: Coming Soon

Single Use Swissdermyl Cream Mask which is enough to do face and neck
Single Use Ampoule
Single Use Peel Mask

2 week supply of:
Eye Serum, Facial Serum, Day & Night Moisturiser

Kit 2: Coming Soon

Single Use Swissdermyl Skin Perfect Veil or
Perfect Lift Veil which is enough to do face and neck
Single Use Ampoule
Single Use Peel Mask

2 week supply of:
Eye Serum, Facial Serum, Day & Night Moisturiser

Swissdermyl Serum 30 ml £58


Highly effective toning treatment which prevents the slackening of the skin


Decongestant treatment which reinforces skin's natural defences & reduces its reativity


Restores radiance & vitality. Improves elasticity, helping to smooth out fine lines & wrinkles

Multi Vitamin

Prevents appearance of wrinkles. Skin becomes more clear & fine-pored

Skin Renewing

Restorative anti-wrinkle treatment, with fruit acids. Stimulates natural process of cell renewal

Eye Contour

Restores elasticity. Ginseng eliminats toxins to help reduce bags & dark circles

Eye Zone

Evens out fine lines & wrinkles. Caffine promotes detox of tissue to help with bags & puffiness


Controls production of sebum & sanitizes oily skin (to be ordered on request)

Swissdermyl Creams 50 ml £65 (for special offers please ring)

Balancing Cream

Vit A, E & B5. Has six key actions - balance & control of sebum; pore tightening; hydration & moisture protection; soothing & calming; anti oxidant cell protection; vitamin enrichment.

Firming Cream

Macadamia seed oil, Chamomile, Sodium hyaluronate, A, E & C vitamins. An energising treatment rich in restructuring & toning elements. Applied morning & evening, it restores the skin's elasticity & tone, making it smoother & firmer.

Hydro Sensitive Cream

Bisabolol, Sodium hyaluronate, A & E vitamins. High concentration of soothing & moisturising factors which help to reduce the reactivity of the skin while providing it with essential, highly effective moisturising & protective substances.

Nourishing Cream

Mucopolysaccharides, Centella Asiatica Liposomes, A & E vitamins. Rich in essential fatty acids & vitamin complexes, provides dry & lifeless skin with a real source of nutrition & reinforces natural defences to free radicals & prevents dehydration of the surface layers.

Hydro Vitale Cream

Mucopolysaccharides, Mimosa bark extract, Phytosomes, A & E vitamins. A light cream which is rapidly absorbed by the skin. Hydro Vitale Cream prevents dehydration & reduces harm by the sun. Its texture makes it an excellent base for make up.

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