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Dare to go Bare - with Swissdermyl Skincare

Quality products make a great facial - Artistry makes it fabulous

With over 12 years experience using Swissdermyl - I can create a facial just for you
Both photos above were taken without makeup or editing. Also at a grand old age of 53

Every day I go to work just wearing my Swissdermyl


Do you dare to go bare?


Wouldn't you rather spend money on improving your complexion than covering it up.

Wouldn't it be great to go to work with just your lipstick on!

Swissdermyl Cream Masks: £45

Green Clay:

For combination/oily and demineralised skin. Elimination of impurities/bacteria


For tired, intoxicated and devitalised skin

Vitamin C:

For dry, aging skin


Specific for reactive & sensitive

Swissdermyl Phyto Masks: £53

Swissdermyl VitaminiC Phyto Mask:

ideal for all skin except sensitive

Vitalising and energising - A flexible peel-off facial for lifeless, dehydrated skins, lacking tone.

An exclusive formula designed to optimise the exceptional properties of vitamin C. The combination Swissdermyls Multi Vitamin Serum (A, B5,B6, C and E) and a flexible,soft modelling mask enriched with vitamin C, results in a vitalising-energizing treatment helping to replenish the skin's energy reserves and improving its elasticity.

Swissdermyl Aromatherapy Oil Phyto Mask:

Ideal for Sensitive Dry Mature skin types

A flexible peel – off facial with essential oils. A moisturising treatment for all types of skin, it repairs, balances and nourishes the epidermis, which takes on a fresh glowing look. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Complex of seaweed powder - Helps the skin to recharge itself with essential minerals and to retain water. Nalidone® - A highly efficient physiological moisturiser. RESULTS Offers durable relief for dehydrated epidermis. Enhances well-being and elasticity of the skin.

Swissdermyl Anti-ageing Veils: £53
Ideal for all skin types

Skin Perfect Veil

Radiance and Vitality

For all skin types, even the most delicate, from the appearance of early wrinkles or following exposure to the sun.

DESCRIPTION: A non woven tissue impregnated with a concentrate of soothing and effective active ingredients. This special formula

is based on Dermolectine, a leading plant-based cell growth stimulator which has been proved to reduce wrinkles.

Perfect Lift Veil

Tensor and firming mask - The mask is soaked with gel that is full of active ingredients.It moisturised the skin deep down, improves skin tone and elasticity and firms the skin.

DESCRIPTION: The high concentration (20%) of active ingreditnets in Perfect Lift makes this treatment extremely effective. It gives the skin a veritable

"flash" of radiance, making it look firmer and smoother

Procedure for all Swissdermyl Facials

Manual 60 minute Facial Treatment

*  Cleanse

*  Tone

*  Fruit Peel (10 mins) or Dermabrasion**

*  10 min scalp massage (oil free)

*  Hot flannel peel removal

*  Ampoule/Aromatherapy Oil

*  Mask

*  15 min shoulder & neck massage

*  Face & eye serum

*  Moisturiser

*  2 min face massage with moisturiser

**Dermabrasion can be added to any manual facial instead of Fruit Peel for additional £10

Swissdermyl Ampoules

These are 3ml bottles of concentrated key ingredients which skin needs to look healthy & youthful. As we age, we loose certain elements in the skin like elastine, collagen, Q10, so by adding these back in we can achieve a very beneficial facial.

Each manual facial includes one ampoule - choose one from the list or we can talk about what would be the best choice for your skin.


Rich in phospholipids, proteins & trace-elements.  Moisturises & improves elasticity. Firms, softens & leaves skin luminous.


Soothing on sensitive skin


Rich in vitamins A & E, the coenzyme Q10 is effective against skin aging related to free radicals


Prevents dehydration & reduces the appearance of wrinkles


Helps in restoring elasticity & suppleness to sagging skin & to prevent formation of wrinkles


Tones up oilier skin & refreshes the complexion

Hyaluronic Acid

Plumps up the skin by attracting water to collagen fibres. Softens facial lines & wrinkles

Vitamin C

Important Anti-oxidant protects from environmental damage & UV radiation

Swissdermyl Serums


highly effective toning treatment which prevents the slackening of the skin


decongestant treatment which reinforces skin's natural defences & reduces its reativity


restores radiance & vitality. Improves elasticity, helping to smooth out fine lines & wrinkles

Multi Vit

prevents appearance of wrinkles. Skin becomes more clear & fine-pored

Skin Renewing

restorative anti-wrinkle treatment, with fruit acids. Stimulates natural process of cell renewal

Eye Contour

restores elasticity. Ginseng eliminats toxins to help reduce bags & dark circles

Eye Zone

evens out wrinkles & fine lines. Caffeine promotes detox of tissue to help with bags & puffiness


controls production of sebum & sanitizes oily skin (to be ordered on request)

All Serums listed above available as Swissdermyl Home Care Serums 30ml £58  15ml £29 (no fee for Credit/Debit Card)

Swissdermyl Fruit Peel

Fruit Peel paste mask consisting of fruit acids. A thin layer is brushed on the skin & left to gently dissolve the surface with a slight tingling feeling (can be used on sensitive skin). Would you ever use a scrub on your leather sofa or on your favourite wooden table, so why use it on your skin!

Sensitive Peel available

All Swissdermyl Serums, Peels & Moisturisers are available to purchase for home use. Please ask for prices


Lyn - Client since 2011 - Massage & Facials

Great music! monthly massage & facial are relaxing, soothing & beneficial. Can't say the same about waxing!!

Peggy - Client since 2008 Age 98 -  Massage & Facials

Cannot remember much about weekly massages as I fall asleep, but my aching joints feel much better afterwards & I like monthly facials very much.

Suzanne - Client for 6 years

Tracy's Facials should be on the NHS

Michelle - Client since 2011

I have very sensitive skin & suffer with eczema. Tracy has offered advice on the products best suited to my skin & her facials are to die for ....I often find myself falling asleep!
Can’t recommend Tracy enough
October 2018

Pam - Client since 2008

If I had more money I would have Pampered Puss Facials every week

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