Waxing For Girls

Half Leg £20
¾ Leg £21

Full Leg £25

Bikini Crm Wax £12
Bikini Film Wax** £15
Intimate Film Wax** £30
(inc bottom crack+ £5 + £5 
full cheeks)
Eyebrow Shape Crm Wax £12
Eyebrow Shape  Film Wax £15
Lip or Chin Crm Wax £6

Lip & Chin Crm Wax £10
Lip & Chin Film Wax £15
Jaw & Lip Film Wax £20
Underarms Crm Wax £10
Underarms Film Wax £15
Forearm Crm Wax £8
Full Arm Crm Wax £12


** Film Wax is a low temperature Hard Wax which is kinder to the skin than Cream Wax.

Film wax does not adher to the skin like conventional cream wax, thus preventing

spots appearing on surface during treatment.

Unfortunately it does take longer as the wax has to set, hence the higher cost to the treatment.

Having tried both waxes myself, paying a bit more is much less painful!
Hair should not be any longer than 1cm if possible. If too long, then the wax may break the hair at skin level & not remove the root

Ladies brazilian waxing takes initially on average 45 mins. The first couple of strips of wax are the worst, then you do get more used to it.

I do also understand the embarrassment element of Intimate Waxing, but at least coming here means I am the only one waxing you & not any therapist who happens to be at the salon that day.

Intimate waxing is a very personal treatment.

All clients must arrived freshly showered as you may be refused a treatment but charged for my time.


Anna - October 2015 Intimate Waxing

I have been having Intimate Waxing for years, but when my usual place closed I found Pampered Puss. She was a bit more expensive but the wax is far superior to strip wax. It hurts less after the wax, with no spotting or sore skin. I wont go anywhere else now. I do hope Tracy doesn't retire any time soon.

Shona - Client since 2006 - Waxing

Could not go else where now. Pampered Puss provides a relaxed atmosphere needed for the more intimate of waxing. A very professional service with a smile. Tracy is a perfectionist !!

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